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1, superior stainless steel material, safe and secure

The pot made of high-quality 18/10 steel, with black silicone handle insulated hand grip, is another innovation, with top glass cover.

Medical high-grade stainless steel

The Swank pot is from Germany. It is specially developed according to the environmental protection concept. It is made of medical high-grade stainless steel and has a high temperature resistance of 240 degrees or more. All the bottoms of the pot are made of 1600 tons of high-pressure one-time molding patent technology, strong heat transfer bottom, rapid heat conduction and uniform heat. The cooking process saves 50% of the time and saves electricity and gas.

Under the cooking process, there will be no sticky bottom and charring. According to the principle of food science, under the premise of medium-fire cooking, effective suppression of soot production can prevent food nutrient loss and meet the environmental protection and health needs of modern kitchen utensils.

These cast iron materials are very hard, are not easily scratched, and are very easy to clean. Suitable for any gas stove, induction cooker, electric stove, oven, etc.

As the economy continues to develop, more and more people hope to enjoy a high-quality life. As one of the family core products, kitchen utensils are gradually becoming high-end. SWANK pots are high-end kitchen utensils in Germany. Due to their unique characteristics, they are favored by high-quality housewives in Germany. Due to the good quality of the SWANK pot, the price is of course relatively high, and the domestic sales target is also for middle and high-end people.

2, energy saving and environmental protection - fashion cooking

Due to the high-density properties of SWANK pot steel, not only does it not contaminate the dirt, but it also does not generate grease stains when heated, making it easy to clean. The material itself does not absorb oil and can save you up to 70% energy.

With the SWANK series of pots, you no longer have to worry about cleaning the range hood frequently. Use less detergent and live in an environmentally friendly environment. Cold pot cold oil, or hot pot cold oil and cooking methods that do not need frequent frying, are not only fashionable, but also let you say goodbye to the strong smell of soaking nose. With a SWANK pot, enjoy a fresh and clean kitchen that can practice yoga!

Pot use characteristics

1. Preserving the vitamins and minerals of food (not cooking): Our health depends on adequate nutrition, but traditional cooking habits, a lot of minerals are dissolved in water and dumped. The best cooking method is to cook with the natural moisture of the food itself, and to preserve more vitamins and minerals without cooking, the food will be more delicious.

2. Reduce fat (no additional cooking): A lot of fat will make people gain weight and also cause heart disease and high blood pressure. With SWANK cooking system, you can fry without fat, all food will be sweeter. Delicious, because it is cooked using the oil of the food itself.

3. Reduce salt: Salt increases the incidence of high blood pressure, so it must be reduced. The average daily demand per person is 3.5 grams, but many people overdose. When you start cooking without water, you don't need a lot of salt, because this recipe keeps all the original flavor in the food.

4. With SWANK's cooking method, you can enjoy healthy food, fresh and nutritious dishes, and correct cooking methods to make you eat more.

5. Save time and energy (quick cooking): Energy is the most expensive today, no one wants to waste. Using swank's cooking method not only saves energy, but also eliminates the heat and intolerance in the kitchen. It can save you time and enjoy a hearty meal in a pleasant and calm way.

3, the function of the three-layer composite bottom:

1, save time and energy

It is made of high-strength wave-shaped composite bottom with high-strength wavy composite bottom under 600 °C high temperature. It has fast heat conduction, skill, shorten cooking time and never fall off at the bottom.

2, strong heat storage capacity

304 stainless steel + pure aluminum + 400 series strong magnetic stainless steel composite, heat transfer is uniform, can lock the heat energy for a long time, after a period of time without heating, it can last for a long time, the heat storage effect is good (only small and medium fire cooking), less Soot, saving energy and saving time.

3, to maintain the color and nutrition of food

304 stainless steel + pure aluminum + 400 series strong magnetic stainless steel composite structure, uniform heat conduction, effectively inhibit the generation of soot, maintain the color and nutrition of food.

4, a sound sales system, make your shopping satisfaction

1. New European and American design style, mirror polished or sanded, durable and beautiful.

2. According to the humanized design of ergonomics, the high-grade stainless steel silicone ear and handle with heat insulation and anti-scalding are comfortable, safe and durable, and durable.

3. The pot is designed along the anti-drip, with high-quality tempered glass cover, forming a steam lock at the mouth of the pot during cooking, changing the traditional cooking process, locking the taste, moisture and nutrition of the food into the pot, effectively preventing the loss of food nutrition and constant cooking effect. The whole process of cooking and cooking is under control.

4. Multi-layer composite bottom made by Seiko, the heat conduction is fast and uniform, and the heat efficiency is higher. It changes the disadvantages of the traditional single-bottom pan easy to burn the bottom, and effectively suppresses the generation of soot, maintains the color and nutrition of the food, and the induction cooker is applicable.